Why should I use Laura Sifferlin Photography?

Laura has been a photo-enthusiast/pro-photographer for decades. Since the age of ten when Laura took “Photography” as her first 4-H project she knew that her passion for the art would one day be her career. She has worked in the Chicago, Ft. Wayne, and Columbus markets.

Why do photos cost so much?

Laura offers premium service to all her clients both commercial and portrait. Her services include much prep time, photographing, image editing, and final delivery. With digital photography even the hobbyist can manipulate pixels, but there is an obvious difference between a true pro and hobbyist. The art is an investment and the perfection and skills put into each image is a requirement to create her client’s vision every assignment.

How much is a Commercial Shoot? Portrait session?

Since there are so many specifics that go into a commercial assignment, the projects are bid out individually. Please inquire with as much detail to give an accurate quote. The same with portrait inquire the session or sessions you are seeking and a price list will be sent accordingly.

Why is there a session fee?

The session fee covers Laura’s time and talent to create your images plus minor editing. There is also an uploaded gallery for you to review and select your finals from. The sitting fee is due at the time of the session.

What should we wear?

The continuity of the art when families wear the same color scheme is awesome. That doesn’t mean that all must wear the same color just colors that flow together. Try to avoid bold patterns and logos so the attention is on you rather than on the clothing.